LuiperdThe English and Afrikaans versions of our books are very popular amongst nature lovers in South Africa as well as abroad. These books give a very realistic description of the life-threatening situations the rangers sometimes experience in the course of their duties, as well as the unique and humorous events that occur in the African bush – usually at the most inopportune moments!

The game rangers – authentic stories from the African bush was published in 1992. It was translated into Dutch by a well-known publisher in Holland under the title Mannen van de wildernis – 78 autentieke verhalen van de game rangers in Afrika for distribution on the European market. Its Afrikaans version Die veldwagters vertel – ware verhale uit ons nasionale parke was first published in 1991.

A barrel of laughs – officials from the national parks tell their stories and its Afrikaans counterpart ‘n Skatkis vol lagstories – amptenare uit die nasionale parke vertel hul stories relates the humour in the African bush in such a realistic manner that the stories at times seem unreal! This will hopefully bring an end to the myth that whatever happens in the bush must always be dramatic or terrifying.

Indications are that the book The silent heroes of the African bush – a collection of true hair-raising stories the rangers would rather forget and its Afrikaans version Die veldwagters vertel verder – ‘n bundel ware bosverhale wat die hare laat rys equals the popularity of its famed predecessors.

Our latest publications are Africa – the legends live on and its Afrikaans version Afrika-stories wat die hare laat rys. This book portrays the dramatic interaction between man and beast in the African wilderness where one false move can claim the life of a careless wanderer that dare to enter the world where the Big Five reign supreme.

The publication of these books which is packed with drama, adventure and humor, brings it within easy reach of every enthusiastic reader.